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So You Wanna Raise Pigs?

There is a growing interest in pastured pork as a method of sustainable agriculture. Raising pigs on pasture is not only more humane and natural for the animals, it is also environmentally sound and produces meat that is more nutritious and, as many people discover, flavorful as well. Family farms raise pigs to pass the benefits of pastured pork onto to their friends, family, and other eaters while engaging in a local and just food system. Organizations such as Fort Whyte Farms even use pastured pork and other sustainable agriculture methods as learning tools in youth outreach programs.

If you’re interested in raising your own pigs, or are simply eager to learn more about pastured (more…)

Building Food Communities – Local Food and Buying Groups/Clubs

Tyler Jones on Afton Field Farm

I visited Tyler Jones of Afton Field Farm near Corvallis (website…… We talked about food buying clubs/groups and it brought me back to some previous ideas I had around starting one such club back in Manitoba with members of the Harvest Moon Local Food Initiative. Check out this video of Tyler talking about his clubs/groups.

YouTube Preview Image

Farmers and ranchers who direct market need to be jills and jacks of all trades. Grower, shipper, seller, distributor, marketer, fixer, troubleshooter, processor, etc. Undoubtedly, many of the folks I talk to are up to the task and balance these tasks with impressive skill and patience. Still…..there is never enough time in a day. (more…)

Ask not only what your farmer can do for you but what you can do for your farmer…

Bernard Smith Chatting with Some Visitors at Full of Life Farms

I believe that, as much as possible, the crops grown and animals raised on a farm should be thought of as food not commodity. So, naturally, I’m interested in how we move towards having more farmers/ranchers transition into direct relationships with eaters where food is grown and moved into the hands of eaters without being commoditized.


New Video: Reclaiming Agriculture for Family Farms in Oregon

Check out the newest F2F video short created with and for the Friends of Family Farmers in Oregon.
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I’ve been in Oregon for almost nine months now and have learned a great deal about direct farm marketing and local food in this part of the continent. Along the way, I have found myself in the company of some good folks here at an organization called the friends of family farmers.
Specifically, I have connected with Michael Moss and Megan Fehrman who are responsible for facilitating the Agriculture Reclamation Act (ARA). The purpose of the ARA is to organize and mobilize family farmers in Oregon to have a greater say in the future of agricultural policy in the state of Oregon. Powerful agribusinesses (more…)

Dirty Words? L@$&! F@%D

I stumbled across a link to the United States Department of Agriculture’s YouTube site the other day. To my surprise, they had a channel dedicated to a new initiative launched earlier this year entitled “know your farmer, know your food”.  Click for YouTube channel.

Ostensibly, the initiative aims to connect local consumers with local producers to create new economic opportunities for communities. The campaign includes a short video of the secretary of agriculture encouraging consumers to get to know their farmer and promoting the importance of local food.

I don’t have a sense of the authenticity of this campaign. Is there real action behind these words? (more…)