Feminism in Winnipeg: Past and Present

Shaking the Tree radio presents a one-hour conversion on feminism and what it means to women living in Winnipeg, past and present.  Through stories about feminist struggles and triumphs we explore the topic of feminism by touching on historical points of feminism in Canada and what it means for the way forward. Dean Rennie, a Masters student at the University of Manitoba, hosts the show and discusses feminism with Willow Aster, a long time Winnipeg resident and feminist and Cheryl Sobie, a fellow feminist and University of Manitoba student.  We discuss why it is important to honour the struggles and tell the stories of women who came before us and reflect on how their strength shaped the world we live in today.  However there is still much work to be done by women living in today’s world amongst the male dominated media industry and within the health care sector.  Willow talks about her work in the feminist movement in Winnipeg, which started with her involvement in the peace movement joining the disarmament committee, and then led to her work on the Action Committee on the Status of Women.  Highlights of music that reflect on experiences Willow and Cheryl have had within the feminist movement highlight the discussion, which explains why feminism is a topic that everyone can relate to.

Cheryl Sobie

Willow Aster

Dean Rennie

Taking a Summer Break…

Our host radio station, UMFM, is undergoing some renovations this summer and we’re in need of a bit of a break.  Look forward to new episodes of Shaking the Tree coming soon.  In the meanwhile, check out one of our episodes from earlier this season.

EPISODE 17: Farmin’ in the City

Co-hosts Troy Stozek and Stef McLachlan talk to Simon Hon and Coral Moloney of the Landless Farmers Collective, Paolo Riva and Naomi Audio of Urban Eatin’ Gardeners Co-op and Jim Beckta of IRCOM about urban agriculture. Discussion is based around opportunities and challenges related to farming on public land in the city, teaching people how to grow food in their own yards, and empowering often experienced newcomers and refugees with the space to grow food in the core of downtown Winnipeg, respectively. (more…)

EPISODE 16: Fighting for the Family Farm

Co-hosts Troy Stozek and Stef McLachlan talk to Fred Tait about his farm and involvement with the National Farmers Union and Beyond Factory Farming, and how agro-business and government policies threaten agriculture in Canada. (more…)

EPISODE 15: The Right to Food: Food (In)security in India and Bangladesh

This week’s Shaking the Tree Radio heads overseas as Stefan Epp takes you to India and Bangladesh to explore some of the challenges to achieving food security.  (more…)

EPISODE 14: Urban Chicken Farming, Challenging City Bylaws One Egg at a Time

In this episode Stef and Troy talk with Bernard von Schulman from Victoria and Mary Contrary from Calgary about their urban chickens and then go to visit a backyard chicken farm in urban Winnipeg! (more…)

EPISODE 13: Ecotourism and the East Side’s UNESCO World Heritage Site?

In this show guest hosts Agnes Pawlowska and Rob Officer discuss the possibilities for ecotourism if the East Side is a UNSECO World Heritage Site. (more…)

EPISODE 12: Dumpster Diving in the City

In this episode, Troy and Stef talk to local dumpster divers Geoff Heath and Danielle Mondor and Kayla Knarnar from Vancouver. (more…)

EPISODE 11: Heart of the Boreal: World Heritage Site and the East Side of Lake Winnipeg

The fate of the East Side of Lake Winnipeg has been a hot political issue in Winnipeg for several years.  Lately, the Progressive Conservatives have been raising this as an issue again, attacking the NDP for its position on the issue.  This week, Stef McLachlan and Troy Stozek talk about one of the last remaining tracts of boreal forest in the world.  The guests include Susan Casey-Leftowitz from the Natural Resources Defense Council in the US, Ron Thiessen from the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and Suzanne McCrae from the Boreal Forest Network. (more…)

EPISODE 10: Fair Trade Manitoba

Shaking the Tree Radio brings the local and the international together with this week’s focus on fair trade.  Special guests include Darryl Reid of the Green Bean Coffee Company, Jennifer Foreshaw of Ten Thousand Villages, and Zach Gross from the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation. Discussion is based around definitions of fair trade, the social justice issues surrounding fair trade purchases, community benefits and control surrounding fair trade as well as the growth and promise of this industry. (more…)