EPISODE 17: Farmin’ in the City

Co-hosts Troy Stozek and Stef McLachlan talk to Simon Hon and Coral Moloney of the Landless Farmers Collective, Paolo Riva and Naomi Audio of Urban Eatin’ Gardeners Co-op and Jim Beckta of IRCOM about urban agriculture. Discussion is based around opportunities and challenges related to farming on public land in the city, teaching people how to grow food in their own yards, and empowering often experienced newcomers and refugees with the space to grow food in the core of downtown Winnipeg, respectively.

Simon Hon and Coral Moloney (the Landless Farmers Collective)
The Landless Farmers Collective is a group of three people who farm on a public land site rented from the city of Winnipeg at the corner of Grant and Cambridge. The produce grown is sold at the Osborne Village farmers’ market and is given to families who are a part of their vegetable community shared agriculture operation (CSA). Another important part of their work is outreach to students at neighbouring Grant Park High School where grade 7 students are taught about food justice and sustainable food production both on site and in classrooms. The Landless Farmers Collective strongly believes that people should be able to make a living on growing food, not collecting grants, but really living off what they’re doing, they want to be a self-sufficient business, not a non-profit organization.

Any questions or comments? Email thelandlessfarmers@gmail.com or pay them a visit at the Pan Am Forests at the corner of Grant Ave and Cambridge on the North side of the Pan Am pool.

Paolo Riva and Naomi Audio (Urban Eatin’ Gardeners Co-op)
Urban Eatin’ Gardeners Co-op is a landscaping business that focuses on designing, building, planting and maintaining edible urban gardens. Their mission is to help enable urban people and places to become more food secure through the development of sustainable, healthy, edible landscapes; to develop viable livelihoods for enthusiastic, landless, urban gardeners/farmers using a grassroots, cooperative business model; and to effect positive social change.

Visit their website at www.urbaneatin.com or email urbaneatin@gmail.com for more information.

Jim Beckta (IRCOM)
The Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba or IRCOM is an organization that provides second stage housing for newly arrived newcomers to Manitoba. Families can live in the apartment located on McDermott and Ellen for up to three years. The current green living project run by Jim Beckta allows newcomers the opportunity to garden on IRCOM balconies and at a site within walking distance of the apartment. Residents can chose to either work individually or collectively to grow food for personal consumption.

Email jbeckta@mts.net for any further information and volunteer opportunities or drive by Dufferin School and have a look at their communal garden (across from Western Glove at Isabella and Logan).

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