Feminism in Winnipeg: Past and Present

Shaking the Tree radio presents a one-hour conversion on feminism and what it means to women living in Winnipeg, past and present.  Through stories about feminist struggles and triumphs we explore the topic of feminism by touching on historical points of feminism in Canada and what it means for the way forward. Dean Rennie, a Masters student at the University of Manitoba, hosts the show and discusses feminism with Willow Aster, a long time Winnipeg resident and feminist and Cheryl Sobie, a fellow feminist and University of Manitoba student.  We discuss why it is important to honour the struggles and tell the stories of women who came before us and reflect on how their strength shaped the world we live in today.  However there is still much work to be done by women living in today’s world amongst the male dominated media industry and within the health care sector.  Willow talks about her work in the feminist movement in Winnipeg, which started with her involvement in the peace movement joining the disarmament committee, and then led to her work on the Action Committee on the Status of Women.  Highlights of music that reflect on experiences Willow and Cheryl have had within the feminist movement highlight the discussion, which explains why feminism is a topic that everyone can relate to.

Cheryl Sobie

Willow Aster

Dean Rennie

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