EPISODE 12: Dumpster Diving in the City

In this episode, Troy and Stef talk to local dumpster divers Geoff Heath and Danielle Mondor and Kayla Knarnar from Vancouver.

Kayla was introduced to eating trash through friends and the organization Food Not Bombs in her early 20’s and has been eating from the dumpsters ever since. Initially she was going to school, didn’t have a full time job and couldn’t afford to buy all her groceries, but eating from the supermarket dumpsters easily sustained her. Kayla talks about how dumpster diving has taught her to be patient with when she gets what she wants, but that it usually always ends up being in a bin sooner or later.

Geoff’s first dumpster diving experience was in California where a number of his friends were into factory dumpstering. He has been eating trash for about four years, mostly as a substitute for what she does not grow himself, and as a way to spend more of his time volunteering in the community instead of at a full time job.

Danielle was interested by the free stuff that was to be found in dumpsters and started dumpstering in high schools behind big box stores.

Discussion in this podcast is based around the political, social, and environmental reasons for dumpstering, whether or not dumpster diving is an effective tool to create change and about the differences between the privileged who chose to eat trash and those who don’t have a choice. Tune in to this podcast to hear more about the life of dumpster divers and listen in to the dumpster field trip that Geoff, Danielle, and Kayla take hosts Troy and Stef on.

Find out more about eating from the trash at:
Food Not Bombs: http://www.foodnotbombs.net/
Freeganism: http://freegan.ca/ and http://freegan.info/

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